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SPECIAL NOTICE: I have been invited to be the guest presenter on Skip Conover's Wisdom Path Colloquia on Sunday, April 18, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM, to present my latest book A Mystical Path Less Traveled.

The Zoom webinar is free, but you will need to register your e-mail with Skip through the following link and he will send you the Zoom invitation. (Click or Copy and Paste in browser)

The presentation will also be available for later viewing on Skip Conover's YouTube channel, which is easy to find with the YouTube search engine.

Here is the description of the event that Skip has sent to his subscribers:

Description: In this session Dr. Jerry Wright will introduce and discuss his profound new book, A Mystical Path Less Traveled, published by Chiron Publications. This is the book Skip Conover has been reading in tandem with The Unseen Partner by Diane Croft on Sunday mornings.

From the dust cover, A Mystical Path Less Traveled:

"Drawing on the Analytical Psychology of C.G. Jung, on the discoveries of modern science, and on mystical traditions from numerous world religions, this book proposes a psychological mysticism that preceded, and now replaces, the historical theological mysticism that has been dependent on the theistic images of God. Such images are no longer meaningful for many people - or necessary....

"Psychological mysticism expands the meanings of god, religion, mystic, and mystical and validates the universality of human experiences of the numinous. The mystical perspective is one of radical immanence.

"The whole of the human enterprise is this: It is an experiment to accept both our inner angels and monsters, individually and collectively, and to live responsibly our social contract assigned by Nature."

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Registered for the webinar. Thank you!

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