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Teaching Events

April 18, 2021

Wisdom Path Colloquia

"A Modern Mystical Path"

An online event via Zoom
2:00-4:00pm, U.S. Eastern Time

May 16, 2021

Nashville Jung Circle

"Jungian Psychology:
A Modern Mystical Path"

An online event via Zoom
2:30-4:30pm, U.S. Central Time

October 17, 2021

C.G. Jung Society of Atlanta

"A Mystical Path Less Traveled: A Jungian Psychological Perspective"

An online event via Zoom

2:00-4:30pm, U.S. Eastern Time


October 1-12, 2022

Pilgrimage to Greece

Ancient Greece and its mythology, with its familiar pantheon of gods and goddesses, continue to capture the human imagination.  This is especially true for those who are interested in the depth psychology of Carl Gustav Jung.

You are invited to a unique twelve-day exploration of our psychological and mythological ancestry that remains alive in the beauty and majesty of modern Greece!

April 28 - May 7, 2023

A New Pilgrimage to Iona

"Life as a Mystical Pilgrimage"


“When the divine is located within matter, within the natural world, and within human nature, rather than outside or beyond, the whole of life becomes a mystical sanctuary.  All things and all people are embodiments of the divine, a mysterious web of subjects requiring relationship.  That perspective is the sole basis of ethical behavior.  It informs our attitudes, our behavior, and our choices.”

Jerry R. Wright

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