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“From the perspective of psychological mysticism, each of us is an opening through which the light of consciousness enters the world.”

Jerry R. Wright

About Jerry

Jerry R. Wright, D. Min is a Jungian analyst in private practice in Flat Rock, NC, and a training analyst with the Inter-Regional Society of Jungian Analysts. Prior to completing his analytic training in 2000, Jerry served various churches as a Presbyterian minister over the span of 25 years. 

Jerry is the author of A Mystical Path Less Traveled: A Jungian Psychological Perspective (Chiron, 2021),  and Reimagining God and Religion: Essays for the Psychologically Minded (Chiron, 2018). His primary professional passion includes the application of the insights of Jungian psychology to all human endeavors, including religion and spirituality, politics, and the care of the Earth.

Jerry is a graduate of Erskine College (B.A.), University of Georgia (M.Ed.), Erskine Theological Seminary (M.Div.), and Columbia Theological Seminary (D.Min.).

Not only has Jerry previously worked as a high school teacher (psychology) and guidance counselor, he has also directed YMCA camps and programs and served as a family counselor in an alcohol and drug rehabilitation center.

His family includes his wife, Kay (d. April, 2020), three children, and three grandchildren. Jerry's primary hobbies include hiking the beautiful trails in western North Carolina, traveling, gardening, and playing with his canine companion Muffin.

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“My journal has been a close companion for the second half of my life; we share a long, intimate relationship.  My journals receive the raw materials from the unconscious, day and night, and serve as a recorder and a confessor, and preserve the inner experiences of outer events.”
(A Mystical Path Less Traveled, p. 6)

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“We are an intimate and integral part of Nature, neither separate from nor superior to, neither an afterthought nor an add-on; we are Nature naturing.”

Jerry R. Wright
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