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Dr. Jerry Wright is available for teaching at conferences, retreats, workshops, and local Jung Societies on a variety of topics and themes related to the integration of Jungian Psychology and religion/spirituality. 


Presentations have included:

  • Reimagining God and Religion: Our Most Urgent Task

  • A Mystical Path Less Traveled

  • Introduction to the Psychology of C. G. Jung

  • Dreams: Strangers in the Night

  • Jungian Psychology and Celtic Spirituality

  • Thin Places and Thin Times

  • Individuation: The Soul’s Pilgrimage

  • Masculine and Feminine Energies In Dreams

  • Thomas Merton and Carl Jung

  • Shadow and Projection Workshop

  • Eros and Logos: The Marriage of Feminine and Masculine

  • Dreams During the Midlife Passage

  • Seeking a God-Image Sufficient for the Soul’s Passion

  • The Archetypal Self and the Image of Christ

  • Living at the Edge of the Visible and Invisible

“Religious tribalism is the most toxic and most dangerous pathology of our species, and its political manifestations may well contribute to our extinction as a species.  The antidote is consciousness in general and religious consciousness in particular, both of which remain in short supply.”

Jerry R. Wright


Dr. Jerry Wright speaking to the Charleston, SC Jung Society from his book Reimagining God and Religion: Essays for the Psychologically Minded in November of 2019.

What is "depth psychology," and how does it differ from other forms of psychological theory and practice? And, how can depth psychology recover a sense of purpose, greater dignity of soul, and revitalized personal authority? Written by, and courtesy of, James Hollis, Ph.D., Jungian analyst.

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