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Greece Sea View

Pilgrimage to Greece, 2022

Ancient Greece and its mythology, with its familiar pantheon of gods and goddesses, continue to capture the human imagination.  This is especially true for those who are interested in the depth psychology of Carl Gustav Jung.  Dr. Jung identified the archetypal patterns of human thought and behavior that were personified as gods and goddesses, heroes and heroines.  Those same mysterious (mystical) forces continue to course through us and form the architecture of the human personality.  The names have changed, yet the powerful invisible inner forces remain.  Manifesting (incarnating) those forces consciously is our most important psychological task, and our best contribution for a more creative future and peaceful planet.

You are invited to a unique twelve-day exploration of our psychological and mythological ancestry that remains alive in the beauty and majesty of modern Greece!


Dionysus, photo by Photography Montreal, Creative Commons


Acropolis, photo by Kristoffer Trolle, Creative Commons

Our exciting daily itinerary takes us to many of the major archeological sites where the mythological figures and their stories continue to be told and examined for their continuing relevance.  Expert local guides will be our daily companions to provide historical contexts, as well as brief introductions to the myths that have kept history alive. Regular group reflection/processing times with Dr. Wright will facilitate the connection of our personal stories with those of our Greek ancestors.  We will pay attention to our dreams, with particular attention to collective and archetypal images and themes that may seek expression.  In this way, travel becomes a personal pilgrimage with an emphasis on psychological and spiritual insight alongside extraordinary sight-seeing.   

Download a detailed pilgrimage brochure about the program, itinerary, and Classical Greece and its Mythology.

A Pilgrimage Perspective

Pilgrimage has a long, rich history among those seeking to live a conscious spiritual life.  To be a pilgrim, a soul traveler, means to follow in the footsteps of people across all continents and centuries, people who travel with spiritual intent and attention.  Different from a travel tour, traveling with a “pilgrimage attitude” encourages psychological/spiritual experience and insight.  Such an attitude will be emphasized before and during our Greek adventure. 

From a Jungian psychological perspective, pilgrimage may be framed as an intentional desire and practice to expand consciousness in general and religious/spiritual consciousness in particular.  These pilgrimage goals may also be considered the twin goals of the lifelong individuation process described by Jung. 


Jungian Psychology and Greek Mythology

A myth has been described as something that never was, yet is always happening. The Greek myths and the pantheon of gods and goddesses provide a comprehensive window into our individual and collective inner worlds. The powerful forces and patterns (archetypes) within us that influence how we feel, what we desire, what we choose, and what we do, once took on the guise of personified Greek gods and goddesses. Those ancient forces and inner patterns remain operative and provide the archetypal architecture of our personalities. Again, the names may have changed, yet the invisible “deities” and “devils” continue to course through us individually and collectively.

Our pilgrimage will provide opportunities to peer through the metaphorical windows to search out the patterns and resources for our own lives.  

Greece_Olympia_Mia Battaglia_cc.jpg

Olympia, photo by Mia Battaglia, Creative Commons

For example, at Eleusis we will recall the myth of Demeter and her daughter, Persephone, who was abducted by Hades and held captive in the dark underworld. Mother Demeter, the Goddess of Grain, withheld her bountiful harvests to negotiate her daughter’s release and subsequent renewed life. We, too, are just re-emerging from our abduction into the dark underworld by Hades-like Covid-19. What inner and outer resources can we draw on for our own flourishing? How might this ancient story provide wisdom as we deal with climate change and the wounding of our environment by destructive religious and cultural attitudes? 


Delphi, photo by Sofia Atmatzidou Eulgem, Creative Commons

Again, when we visit Delphi, the Oracle of the ancient world, where people came with their burning questions about their life and future, what are our burning questions that beg our time, energy, commitment, and action?  

Finally, In Athens the present capital of Greece, we will remember the mythical King and Founder of Athens, Theseus. His journey into the labyrinth to kill the monstrous Minotaur with the help of the magical thread of Ariadne, may well parallel some of our own labyrinthine mystical paths. Our obstacles and helpers may bear different names, yet they remind us of our mysterious connection to each other and to the mysteries that surround the brief, yet timeless, pilgrimage that is our life.  

Pilgrimage Fee and Registration Details

Below are the pilgrimage costs and registration details including a ten (10) percent deposit to secure one of the places. The pilgrimage will be limited to 12-15 participants to promote ease of conversation and movement.


Initial deposits will be held by Brownell Travel until the trip has been confirmed with a minimum number of participants by August 20, 2021. Should we not receive the minimum number of registrations by that date, your initial deposit will be returned. Therefore, please consider joining us and respond as soon as possible so we can move ahead. 

Comprehensive preparation materials and suggested readings will be provided. 

Pilgrimage Fee: 

Double Occupancy = 5,150 Euros (approx. USD $6,119) 

Deposit = 515 Euros (approx. USD $612.) 


Single Occupancy = 6,300 Euros (approx. USD $7,486.) 

Deposit = 600 Euros (approx. $USD $749.) 


(The costs are given in Euros and the current US Dollar (USD) equivalents as of June 29, 2021. Please note that the exchange rates fluctuate daily.) 


Final payment of the fee will be due on May 31, 2022, four months prior to departure. Should you need to cancel your plans, all fees (less a $250 processing fee) will be refundable provided your reserved space can be filled.  

The pilgrimage fee includes: 

  • 3 nights' Accommodation in Monemvasia at Kinsterna Hotel 

  • 1 night Accommodation in Ancient Olympia at Dexamenes Seaside Hotel 

  • 1 night Accommodation in Delphi at Amalia Delphi Hotel 

  • Breakfast every day & one meal per day for 9 days as per the attached itinerary 

  • English-speaking licensed guide for the entire trip as per the attached itinerary 

  • Arrival transfers and all required transportation within Greece as per the attached itinerary 

  • Guide & Driver’s Accommodation and Meals for 9 days outside of Athens 

  • Entrance fees at Archeological Areas as per the itinerary 

  • Food Tour in Athens 

  • Wine Tour & Lunch in Nemea 

  • Olive Oil Tasting in Monemvasia 

  • All taxes and fees 

  • All gratuities for meals, guide, driver and additional tours 

We are currently developing pre-travel and post-travel options for those who may be interested. Additional information on these options will follow at a later date.  

Learn More

  • For questions about the pilgrimage program: Jerry Wright, 770.656.3818

  • For questions about travel: Lilly Lyn, Brownell Travel, 404.591.8626

Travel Partner

For this special pilgrimage, I am again partnering with the professionals at Brownell Travel who always ensure high quality accommodations, reliable in-country transportation, and knowledgeable local guides. I have found their expertise and attention to detail to be unsurpassed for moderating some of the strain and unknowns of travel. They can also be helpful in booking international airline tickets, the cost of which is separate from the pilgrimage fee. 

Greek Ancient Sculpture of Warrior
Greek Streets
Santorini at Night
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