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Welcome to my Website and Blog!

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My primary professional passion includes the application of the insights of Carl Jung’s analytical psychology to all human endeavors, including religion and spirituality, politics, cultural trends, and the care of the Earth. This website and blog are dedicated to that purpose.


From time to time I will be posting some of my writing, journal entries, ideas, and wonderings related to this passion.

YOU ARE INVITED…to join the conversation by adding comments with your own reflections, ideas, resources, and conversation starters on subjects that are meaningful to you.  My hope is to promote dialogue about matters of heart and soul that we have in common—matters that really matter.

Let's engage in what I have begun to call magnetic reading: that is, to allow the words on these pages (or any others) to draw up within you your own words, images, reflections, and meanings.  What is drawn up from within us, like a magnet, becomes our most valuable and authoritative resource for traveling the mystical path that is—in the words of Mary Oliver—our one wild and precious life.


This suggestion comes from my own reading preferences at this stage of my life.  Except for novels, I seldom read new books cover to cover.  Rather, with my journal at my side, I read a new book until something within stirs awake as if wanting to find expression.  I then lay the new book aside, open my journal, and record what bubbles forth.  This is what I mean by magnetic reading, sometimes called deep reading. (See Wright, A Mystical Path Less Traveled, p. 6)

Again, you are invited to share water from your own inner well in response to any of the posts below.

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